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Kwacha gains

The Kwacha has continued on the positive bend which begun in last week’s trade. The local currency has opened the week trading between 9.85 and 9.90. According to the Zanaco Bank Daily Treasury update, the gain has been prompted by the interbank dollar trade and the tig... Read more

News In Pictures

Koffi Olomide arrested in Nairobi
  • 2 metric tonnes of maize impounded in train wagons
  • Youthful workers step up against violence
  • An Indian military plane goes missing
  • Veterans abandon Mugabe
  • A 'Hyena' does not use a condom
  • Poll won’t be postponed-ECZ
  • Lungu to tour Central Province
  • DVEC in Kabwe Impressed with voter education exercise
  • Govt embarks on road rehabilitation in Milenge

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